MG Metro 6R4 RX . Biturbo - Will Gollop 1992

MG Metro 6R4 RX . Biturbo - Will Gollop 1992

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Full Transkit to convert your MG Metro Group B into a rallycross Biturbo beast tha won the "A Final race" in the 1992 british Autoglass rallycross championship. This will allow you to present your scale model in open boot configuration: cutting of the underpanel and the engine bay will be required, as filling holes in the front bumper and lowering front suspension, but instructions will guide you through!


Instructions also provide detailed informations about paintjob, as gold will have be painted for a more accurate look. An extra patch of red is provided and is full covering.


It includes:

- Engine conversion to Biturbo as in G-Tech specs

- Rear structure to allow boot opening

- Rims and tires

- Decals

- Dashboard

- Additional wing

- Side mirrors

- Instructions

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