Ergal connection "big set"

Ergal connection "big set"

SKU: TK24150

In this big set we are providing a very good stock of general ergal connections in 3 different sizes with their metal wire.

The content of this set will allow you to build and detail your creations in different scales, and for multiple creations.


3 sizes are:

0.4mm - Perfect for brake lines and small fluid lines

0.6mm - Accurate for most oil and gasoline connections

0.8mm - Ideal for high flow fluid connections


Ergal connections are provided in 4 different designs, all in 3 sizes:

8x 45 degrees

8x 90 degrees curved

8x 90 degrees T

8x straight


Total of 96 connections and 3 meters of metal wires.

    € 15,08Prezzo

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