McLaren F1 GTR Short tail rims

McLaren F1 GTR Short tail rims

SKU: TK24131

Conversion set for the Fujimi f1 GTR short tail. This set is designed to fix the awesome job fujimi did on this kit: Suspensions, Tires and rims are fixed with these parts. All will look as it should with correct proportions with very easy steps, just replacing the kit brake discs, as shown in the detail pictures. Brakes will fit after market etched discs for better detailing.


This set is suitable for all versions of F1 GTR short tail, mostly for racetrack ones.


This set includes:

2 rear rims

2 front rims

2 rear tires

2 front tires

2 rear suspensions+discs+hubs pieces

2 front suspensions+discs+hubs pieces (Left and Right)

1 set of center bolts


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